Toe Jazz

This is the third pair of socks that I knitted. Toe Jazz, tabi style socks. I think they are great to wear when visiting the temple. At our temple you have to take off your shoes when you enter various buildings. Wearing sandals makes perfect sense. You just slip them on and off. No shoe laces. But your feet sure get cold in winter. These will keep them warm.

Pattern: Toe Jazz by Fiber Trends
Yarn: KnitPicks' Simple Stripes

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Thanks Lars! I was lucky that everything fell together. The yarn, the pattern. All I had to worry about were the lengths of the legs and feet. Smile

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nice pattern, and what delicious colors too!!

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Great socks! Was the pattern for tabi socks or did you have to alter it?

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Thanks guys!

Richard, the pattern was for tabi socks. No alteration. Smile

Absolutely wonderful!  More More!


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Thanks for the cheers, Luke! Smile

Guys, one thing to consider before you get this pattern is that it gives only one size. Average adult size. Alteration won't be hard, I don't think.

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Those are beautiful socks.