A long long time

Wow guys, it has been a long long time since I have been on the men who knit web page. I have been knitting like crazy. I am now blogbing about my adventures in the world. It seems like there are so few of us in the knitting world (by us I mean men).We do really need to stick together. I have forgotten how great this website is. I moved it back to the top of my favorites list. I look forward to being here more often. come check out my journeys through my blog. There is also a good free pattern posted. (Which is really addictive... even if i have to say so myself)


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Thanks for the info on your blog. I loved reading your about your travels. My partner and I travel a lot too. I signed up as a follower so that I can keep abreast of where you are going or have been. You Philadelphia story was great, since Philadelphia is one of my favorite USA cities. I love the museum of art htere. In fact when we were in Malaga, Spain, a new Picasso museum had just opened and our tour guide had interned at the Philadelphia Museum. Thanks again for the posting and happy travel. We just got back from Guatemala and in April we leave for Amsterdam and Provence. Maybe we will run into you somewhere.

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Thanks for the post on your blog... I see you visited the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral - I'm jealous!

Keep posting... so that those of us who aren't traveling much these days can live vicariously! :-)

Grace and peace,

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thanks guys I am glad someone is enjoying I am off to Alaska this month! I agree jack a lot of people take Philadelphia for granted . they shouldn't it is a wonderful and vibrant city. I am so glad you enjoy reading
A traveling Knitter

A Traveling knitter