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Ugghhh! Such a Dork am I..... So, I sat down to start the sleeves for the Carlito Cardigan, content that things were progressing nicely. I open my case with my needles looking for my 4s when I notice that my 5s aren't there but my 6s are. "Wait didn't I just knit the back of my sweater with my 6s?" The scream was blood chilling as I realized that I had knit the entire back on 5s and not on 6s as the front. A glistening tear rolled down my cheek as I realized that I would have to redo the entire back. But then I set the pieces out and looked at them and I can't see a difference. So, no ripping and starting over. I'm guessing that the width of the back my be off a bit and I think I can compensate for that with blocking.


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I have to agree with you, you may have compensated uncosciously. Once you block it I don't think there will be a difference. Sometimes people do things like that on purpose because the one a tighter knit on one side. If it fits you nobody should care.

I can only imagine the panic that you felt when you made the realization! My heart goes out to you, Geoff. I hope that you are able to correct with blocking and don't have to rework that entire piece. Keep us posted!

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I recently had a similar experience with sleeves knitted in the round on two circulars...I was halfway through the first one when I realized I was using a size 5 and a size 6. However, muscle memory for the tension made it come out even. Plus blocking. I think it should turn out okay as the size difference really isn't that much between the two needles. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's impending fatherhood that is throwing you off.....

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Hmm...never thought of that. However, I don't have that excuse. just sloppy storage of my circulars. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I really feel for you! I've done things like this before and it makes your stomach turn when the panic strikes! I'm sure it will be fine as is.

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You knit continental, right? For me at least, because I'm such a loose knitter, there is really no noticable difference between a 5 & 6. As Joe said blocking can correct any size differences. But I know how scarry those situations can be.

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Hey Dork!

Buck don't kick yourself so hard. I know a gal that was making a mother/daughter set. Althought the color of the yarn was the same, the weight was different. She got through most of the daughter sweater she realized her mistake in mixing up the yarns. As an added mental health bonus she had been knitting with the knitpics circs and found that she had inserted a different size needle on both ends!!

I know that doesn't help but I'm glad it is working out for you. Just jot it down as one of those moments when we have the best of intentions and then the universe decides to kick us in the butt.


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