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Hey Guys- Have noticed (a bit slow, perhaps?) that we can now show our Ravelry ID as part of our profile here on menwhoknit.com . Just wanted to encourage folks to edit their profile to include this info. Several times I've wanted to check out someone's projects on Ravelry and been stymied.

Easy to do: My account > edit > user profile > Ravelry Profile



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Thank you, I just did it.

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I was slow on the pick up too, John. Thanks for posting this! I just added my rav profile. (",)

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It sort of just snuck in there. I only noticed when I changed my profile picture last week.

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It did just sort of sneak in there, didn't it? I seldom trumpet the little things, but I'll try to be better at that. :)

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GREAT addition to the site, Darrell! Thanks. Hope lots of guys will now add this info to their profile. -John

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I'm in, thanks for reminding us though.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
just added mine.

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Add me to the "slow" bunch! I had not noticed that either. Anyhoo...I just added mine!