Spam Filter is getting Annoying

Well for whatever reason the spam filter decided that I am not allowed to post for the day I hope. I may take a week of this site if it continues like this. It is not worth my time trying to comment on peoples postings if I have to go through so much work. Anyway Have a good night


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Andy, I wonder if Darryl has turned it off...I've not seen any captcha's for several posts...

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Actually when I updated my profile info I saw a "Real Person" selection. Once I selected that I stopped getting the capcha prompts when I post comments.

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I redid that part from my profile and let's see if it works. This is what6 I get We are sorry, but the spam filter on this site decided that your submission could be spam. Please fill in the CAPTCHA below to get your submission accepted.

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I turned off the math one, since it seemed redundant.

Andy, are you scrolling all the way down on the form and entering in the alphanumeric capture when a post gets flagged? When that's entered, it should just approve the post. Otherwise, you should get a message stating the captcha was entered incorrectly.

I see the ShoutBox full of "this is spam" type messages and will look to see if I can disable it on there specifically.

The real person checkbox is unrelated to the Mollom spam plugin. I just had to alter the signup form and put in some text stressing the importance of filling out a complete profile as the data entered there greatly impacts the likelihood of an account being approved. Since doing that, the spam signups have been almost entirely eliminated and the real folks are making it through.

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Thanks Darrel - it's so much easier now!

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Thanks, Darryl,
Without the math box...things go much more smoothly!

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That's nicer Darrel, thanks. And you're right, the key to preventing spam is on the signup side, far more than the posting side. You prevent bogus signups and you virtually eliminate spam.

Some boards have a setting that provides moderation for new members, which is automatically removed after a certain number of approved postings. That way, you can eliminate anybody who signs up just to post spam and allow the real members to post freely.

The combination of these two is pretty much a guarantee against spam, and far more effective than captchas.

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Thanks D!

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Sho thang!

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I will try to see now, but I am ok, not to worry