The boy wants a hat...

Whatever he wants, he gets...and the boy(friend) wants a hat!  Now, I am knew to kintting and quite timid at that.  I have only done/tought myself the simple kint stich.  Any suggestions for a cool/sexy hat that is easy to comprehend/learn how to do?  Any help would be greatly appreciated...there is a 40% off sale at my LYS tonight!


Well, first of all:  we need to know where you live - if you're in South Florida you pr'olly wont want to make a heavy wool hat.  If you're in Bug's Breath, Minnesota, you won't want a lace cap.  And if he's not a particularly big, burly guy, he probably won't want a lace cap, either.

Next: Have you ever used double-pointed needles knitting in the round?

Third:  Is he going to be willing to handwash this hat or will he pitch it into the washing machine?

If you can answer those three questions, I'll have a pattern back at ya as fast as a gnat can fart.  And, let us know about you in your profile.  We won't bite . . . . I promise!

Have a great day!

~Mike in Tampa (where today the house is being painted and the A/C guy was here fixing that thing.) 

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First Time = A Mistake

2nd Time = A Mistake

3rd Time = A Pattern!


I think this pattern from knitty looks like a very easy beginner project. Its all done in knit -- no purl stitches - it is knit from the brim to the top of the head. The pattern calls for two colors but you could make this even simpler by just using one color for the entire project.


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Neat hat.  Just a couple questions to see what you think.  Its all about the back of the hat where the two MC CO and BO rows are joined.  What would you think about a provisional CO and instead of binding off using a Kitchener in the correct color to make it appear seamless?  Would that work?

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The knitty pattern looks like a good choice to me.

a) different from the "normal" watch cap or kefi.

b) all knit

c) very clear instructions

d) *LOOKS* far more intricate then it is.

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I've made two of the Tychus hats and they are a breeze. Fun and incredibly easy to knit.



The hat bendbarr suggested is very cool!  Stay clear of Knitty's "swell"  hat pattern from the current issue.  That pattern sucks, bad.  I have knit it and it wasen,t even close.  Knitting help .com  has a few free patterns worth checking out.  good luck and keep us posted!

Just been looking on knitty website and found this one. looks quite straight forward and uses straight needles if your not to confident on using dpn's. I think I may have a try myself actually. Have a look

That is a great hat!  It will definately be put onto my "to-do" list!  Thanks!

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40% at your LYS?!?!?! where!! lol. anyway, i recently finished my first hat, albeit a baby hat, but i gotta tell you, it's not that difficult. don't be scerd, it's really not that daunting as long as you start off with a simple stitch pattern (the one i did was garter stitch mainly with a row of purls here and there). take it from me, you an do it!!!

THANKS EVERYONE!  I now have quite the long list of projects to make...  I actually started the hat of choice this morning and am really enjoying forcing myself to learn some new stitches which will be sure to broaden my knitting horizon!  In case anyone was wondering, here is the super cool lokking hat I found (which I am sure to a seasoned knitting is pretty basic!) pom-pom of course!,2025,DIY_14141_4860628,00.html 

Thanks again!