Another sweater my daughter won't wear....... and a hat made on a bet

So I made my 2 year-old daughter a top-down pullover. It was quick and fun. However, she is afraid of it. Can't figure it out.

Also have a bet with my partner about whether it will snow again in Wisconsin. He says no, and I say yes. Therefore, I made him a stocking cap with snowflakes on it. The pattern is called Vancouver and is by a local designer, Amy Anderson. Please God, let it snow!!!!

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Both are beautiful, great job. I also vote yes on snow, need to see a pic of the hat modeled in the snow.



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Well done on both! Those yarns are really appealing; what are they? I'm surprised that your daughter is afraid of the sweater- maybe just let her hold it like a blankie and eventually she'll let you put it on her?

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I'm with Albert--the yarns are terrific! The sweater looks so cozy and I'm diggin' that hat.


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The sweater is actually made out of cascade yarn 220 superwash painted. The hat is made out of Queensland Katmandu.

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the sweater's beautiful!
...have you thought of buying a little embroidered applique of one of your daughter's favorite things...Grover, Thomas, Dora...and sewing it to the sweater? Sometimes it just takes a gimmick to make a garment a favorite...Two year olds are special!

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I love the sweater! I can't imagine why she'd be afraid of it, but kids are kids! Hopefully she'll move through the fear and wear the fiber!

I love the hat too! Of course, my favorite color is blue so you can't go wrong with that! I love the snowflakes on it, hopefully I'll be able to do that one day! I'm hoping it snows! I know I'd want to wear that hat!



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I especially love the hat. As far as I'm concerned, I hope it does snow...where it belongs, in Wisconsin. Not here. Ever...Not till next winter.

Folks out here in New Jersey had begun to think the world was ending.

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It's not even the Ides of March - for it not to snow again would be VERY unusual.

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One only should fear the ides of March if related to Ceaser! "Beware Ceaser, the ides of March"


I'm not related to Caeser, but I'm very wary around the time of the ides.

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Very nice knitting, Don. Perhaps you can use one of your daughter's favorite toys to model the sweater and show that it won't hurt to put it on. "Mr. Bear? Would you like to try this sweater on? It belongs to your friend but I think she'll let you borrow it." That might help. Good luck. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.