Learning to knit

Learning to knit is a slow process. If you think that you will "get it" right away you suffer from delusions like me. Knitting is however a very satisfying way to add meaning to why we spin our own yarns. Knit Picks website has some really great videos from casting on to the ominous working with steeks. They also have have a brief tutorial on speed knitting with Miriam Tegels.

But most important do not forget this:


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Too cute! I love their site.


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Well don't think that tune was not wasted on me!!!!!!!!!! I swar if I can find a copy of that I am gonna take it down to the Roundup, have them play it and two-step to it a couple of times, if not more. Oh would it be great to get a bunch of knitter guys all on the floor at one time... to dance. (had to throw that in. Y'all have dirty minds.)

Joanne, you're a hoot and a hallar!!

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