Hello from a new member

Hey guys,

I'm new here and some how new to knitting as well. I loved the site and that's why I joined it. And, as well, as a beginner, I would thankfully get some help and guidance from the experts :)

I am starting a new project today that I will go shopping for wool for it, a baby pink scarf for my partner's aunt (YES PINK), she is a Londoner... no surprises!!!. Anyone has any nice idea for the scarf. I have always been using my own simple designed paterns. Thought it is time to change that.
Cheers and thanks in advance.

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Have you done any lace? There are a number of simple lace patterns that would mike nice light airy scarves....and light and airy seems to go with pink.

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Check out the pattern archives at www.knitty.com. There are TONS of scarves to give you ideas.

Or if you're more into making your own thing, try looking at a stitch dictionary. It can give you some ideas for the fabric (lacey and open, cables, textures), and then you can take it from there!

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Thank you very much guys, thats the kind of a warm welcome I needed :)
Mario, never done any lacde, but it might be time to try it.
Actually I tought myself all about knitting and crocheting by observing my mom and sisters ages ago and then came time to try what I observed, though they never welcomed me doing !!
being honest there might be some difficulty for me when it comes to terminology since I had no basic tuting to start with but, I am learning.
Bought the wool on my way home and it is a mixed colo of "pastel" colors, pink, blue, yellow & light green. I will see if I can picture that now and will try to add it.
Will keep you updated and thanks again.

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Welcome. Glad to hear that you want to expand your design horizons. Both suggestions are a great way to start. A scarf is a good way to try out new stitch patterns and they are easy to restart if the project doesn't work out as you wished. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to MWK.

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Thanks. it is great to find friends sharing the same interests.

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the latest progress after few trials. STRIPES !!!

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Horizontal, vertical or diagonal?

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after going on for almost 30 cm with horizontal, I figured out it does not look good. the stripes from the colors plus the stripes of the patern. Restarted with crossings now. guess it looks better as there aint too noisy now. As we say "Simplicite fait la beaute" right?
will try to get another picture with the new patern if I have some good progress with it.
Cheers. X

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I have attached pic08 that I hope is gonna remain the final pattern for the scarf.
I know it would seem too basic for you but I would love to hear your comments.
Cheers mate

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It looks great...I think you found it! A big welcome to you on signing up!


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Thanks a lot Mill. I'm sure such an encauraging compliment would help a lot :)

Cheers mate

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Perhaps try diagonal knitting? I love those colors but just thought maybe diagonal would whet the interest a bit more.

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Thanks a lot John. Comment really apreciated. I will look for a diagonal patern today, unless you have something in mind that yuo have tried before?
I never folowed a ready patern in my life and I guess it is time to do :)

Have a lovely day.

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I vote for diagonal stripes, too. Since you've enough experience to do sweaters..you should be fine. It's primarily decreasing on one side and adding stitches to the other...so the stripes go on a diagonal...you'll find easy patterns if you search.

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I think the horizontal stripes look great!

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Hey Albert, thanks for the message. I will do the same horizontal pattern in a single color yarn, might be plain baby pink. I liked it but thought it was a bit busy, both horizontal lines of the patern and the colors.
Did you see the final pic , that is what I reached as my last resort last night.
Thanks again.

The Scarf is looking great!! Thats the way I started too. Making up my own patterns. I was really lucky as most turned out how I wanted them ( Must have been the knitting Gods) LOL. I love your Pic in the Egyptian costume. Was it a job, halloween costume, or are you that interested in egyptology? LOL I love Egyypt and read everything I can get my hands on about it. Back to the knitting when I got bored with the common stockingette and purl stitch I bought a book that had knit stitch patterns in it and knitted little squares to practice how to do the stitch. I made them all about 7in by7in. When I was finished and was satisfied with the results ( I had to redo several till they looked like the pic in the book ) I stitched them all together and made a really nice afghan. It looked really cool. It has been gone many years or I would share a pic with you. Maybe others have some good ideas too?
Keep knitting my friend youre doin good......

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Thanks a lot Rony, that is too encuarging and inspiring. So glad that I have made friends now who share same interests with me. It is one of he things I have been crving for for a while :)
I don't know if you have seen the latest change in patern, pic 8 above, it doesn't seem great to me but I gues she will like it.
I have made her another scarf for last Xmas and she loves it and says she is so proud of it. Will try to get picture of that when I see her in a couple of weeks from now.
Trying to count the projects I made till now and I guess that sums up to 7 scarves, 3 jumpers and one cardigan. So, this is going to be my 8th scarf. I should be doing better than that :)
Maybe the fact that I am leading quite a busy life with work and others and that doesn't leave me with much time for knitting.
I will try to get myself move soon and take some pictures of the stuff I have at home that I knitted myself (one jumber, one cardigan and a scarf for my partner, and one jumper for myself) the rest, I will chase people all over the world to send me pictures of.
Thanks again and stay in touch. We can talk lots about Egyptology at anytime. I love my country and the rich history we are blessed with.


Oh dear, I know all about crying over not having someone close in your life that shares the same interests as you, not even one. I have joined many groups, guilds, etc. just make that one connection but it never seemed to work out. I suppose it is because the majority of the groups comprise women. I do not like the mindsets, gossip or the politics of being a part of a group of woman who are supposedly there to further the Arts because that is what we should be doing. Whether painting on a canvas or with string we should all have the same goal and that is to encourage and inspire. This is a great group of guys and I am enjoying very much being a part of it. I am grateful to have been accepted despite my "failing" of being female. The positive karma that exists here has already boosted me 65% happier than I have been in months. Oh I could go on and on but I think you all get the point. (Things are better now that I don't have to deal with the Captcha. Thanks to whoever you are for removing that on the posts.)



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Can't agree any lesser. You summed it all !!!


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Hear! Hear! Well said. This is an extraordinary group. And every man jack of us is lucky to be part of it. Let the chromosomes fall where they may.

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Ya right Tom, who cares about silly "X"'s and "Y"'s? except maybe a 1st grader? :) lol

I will admit thought the Guild I belong to now is a great group of ladies.


I have looked at the #8 pic and I really like it. I guess as I have gotten older I have gotten over the desire to be (Matchy-matchy) does that make sense? I have started knitting socks in the wildest colors I can find and doing stripes in them. Most people LOVE them. Theyre different and and thats rare these days. The picture looks like a Moss patern stitch. K1,P1 next row P1,K1 ? Do you find that takes you a long time. It does me doing the yarn forward ,yarn back thing every other stitch. And I cant figure out how to hold my yarn all the time. I love the look and have done it a lot it just getas on my nerves. LOL Keep up the good work. I should have guessed you were egyptian. DUH LOL I love the country too. I would like to visit one day. I am really excited by the recent new discoveries they have made. They always say the Valley of the Kings is exausted but I just dont believe that. I think the ancients have a lot more to tell us. I was really upset many years ago when they built the dam. No telling what they covered in water that we will never know about. The people really needed the water though so I understand. It still upset me though. Well take care! Oh just about everything I make for myself my SO partner takes as his. LOL :-0

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Hey Ronny,

Thanks again for all your support. Another reason now why I'm falling in love with this website... it's something I ve been craving for for a while.

Glad you liked the picture and the final decision patern, which I didn't know what is it called actually in English, my issue with terminology as a self educated :) lol
To make life easy for me when I do this Moss patern, I usually do an odd number of st's when casting so I would always start with knit. I actually apply that for anything I do that require any fuss, make sure my countig on casting wuld make me not forget what I'm starting with. Donno if you too do same, but, it helps a lot.
I agree sometimes we have to make things differnt and unique, aint it all about it :) but I still have an eye for beauty (if you see my partner you would know that :) lol thats why I couldnt take both stripes together, it seemed a bit busier than I wanted it, specially with the circus of colors i have in the yarn.
Seems we all have the same problems with partners, anything that is mine is his too, and sometimes it turns to be "only his" when it comes to shirts. I'm crazy about clothing and shopping for cloths.

For sure I would love to see here one day, let me know when you think of it so that we can plan it together, the 4 of us would certainly enjoy it.