Diaries of a Compulsive Christmas Knitter Vol. 3

This last week I actually managed to complete to more project for the Christmas stash. I think that puts me roughly a quarter of the way through this thing. I had better get a lot done this summer if I'm going to get done.

This last week has been rather hellacious for me and knitting has been quite a solace to me. In the dark times of budget cuts, the school district I work for is having to issue out 109 pink slips. That included 4 people from our district music team (which I am one of). :( It has not been a happy time in my household. If I do get laid off there are only 2 other full time music positions in the state. One is about an hour south of me and the other is just south of San Francisco which is about 3-4 hours north of me. Sadly, chances are that if I do not keep my job I will not be returning to public education anytime soon. It's all I've ever done. I've known that I wanted to do this since I was 14. We are fervently praying that the Lord will allow me to keep my current job but are faithful that He will continue to provide for our needs as He always has should my job situation change.

SO... these FOs are a little bit of joy in some seriously dark times. The black triangle is the boneyard pattern. The red one is my own "little" improvisation. I've heard some people hating on ginormous needles in previous threads. However, this scarf is their one redeeming factor. I use double stranded worsted weight on size 19s (that's right... 19s). CO 17st and work in seed stitch for the entire scarf. For those of you who doubt me, I challenge you to try it. It's a pretty and SUPER FAST project.




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Nick, I'm sorry to hear about the dire circumstances. I hope that everything works out for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Glad you are able to find some solace in knitting.

Love the scarves.


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LOVE the scarves Nick! Well done! I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. I'm glad you have an outlet for your stress and you remember you have a big 'o support system of fellas here!


Thanks for the support guys! Feelin' the love. :)

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Very cool scarves, Nick!

In addition to the knitting expertise, I've found that there's no shortage of support, encouragement, and positive energy coming from the guys here, too. Here's sending a boatload your way. Let us know what happens - meanwhile, I wish you the best.

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Great loking scarves, especially the black one. Good luck on the work front.

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Best wishes for the job situation. It has always burned me that we have billions to spend on war and killing, yet education is one of the first areas to suffer in a budget crunch. It just doesn't make sense. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I hear you, Nick. I work with developmentally delayed adults. We're taking big hits too. But we're still alive. All the best, Tom

it's true. there are so many programs that are such critical parts of our infrastructure that are being hurt right now. :( Unfortunately this is going to take a while to heal. I suppose the best we can do is be supportive of one another and try to find a solution. And this is a GREAT place for support! :)

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'Tis. 'Tis, indeed.