Do any of you have patterns on here or on Ravelry? and How can I get them? Thinking of designing some of my own things soon. My designing may have to wait until summer vacation (I am a school teacher). I am not sure about designing though. Should I start small with a scarf or dishcloth?


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I've posted some here from time to time; there are a few on Ravelry; most are over at my Yahoo Group...


*grin* I run VERY heavily to lace shawls; in all sorts of shapes and themes.

But many of them can be done as baby blankets or afghans, by using different yarn and needle choices.

As far as what to design....what are your interests? Do you knit washclothes and scarves? Then design some! I

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I have a scarf design (free) on Ravelry, and a few others for sale on

Here's the url for the free Ravelry scarf:

whatever you decide to design, I would HIGHLY recommend you have someone else test-knit your design before final publication (if you intend on publishing). I make a lot of assumptions when I'm knitting that someone following directions won't (like switching to a different needle size when going from ribbing to body of a garment, etc.)

Good luck and enjoy the design process!

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Isn't it amazing the things you forget to write down when you are writing up a pattern?

(And it happens to test knitters too! Nothing like finding a mistake months down the road because your test knitters know you well enough they automatically did what you meant, not what you said!)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks. Found the pattern yesterday. I have some Alpaca that I may use to try the pattern. It is orange and brown, hand dyed from the mountains of Virginia. Been looking for a pattern for it. Thanks again.