It's Official!

First, that I am finally home after 1,587 miles of driving!

Second, that Dallas is now having the second mens knitting group meeting (I missed the maiden voyage 3 weeks ago)  and clever, clever and very talented Michael Cook came up with a name for the group that is both descriptive and ROFL hillarious. Get this!!  "Fruits and Fiber"!!  Is that a great name or what?  I love it!

 And for all of you still clogging out there.  I have been way too busy to finish mine and there is no hurry now for myself, but still want to see results and how you all are getting along!

 Best to y'all.


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That is the best name ever!!!!!! I may have to drive down for that group.......sounds like fun! Let us know when the group meeting is! Missed ya, glad your home, safe and sound!

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Welcome back!!!  Now get your butt cloggin'!!!

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About time you got your ass back on MWK. I missed you. Will be felting TWO pairs of clogs this Saturday so watch for a picture.

F & F .     Oh, my fertile little brain is just in overdrive.  Very Clever.  You should serve Bran Muffins at the meeting.  (:^D)

Glad you're back in all your Sylph-like glory.  You've been missed. By all of us, the Dallas Vice Squad, the ATF and, last but not least: Homeland Security. 

Alles Beste,

~Mike in Tampa (Who MAY be in Houston around Labor day Week . . .) Tongue out 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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2nd Time = A Mistake

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Hey!  I started seeing hits to my site from your post - I didn't even know this group existed!  Glad to hear you're back, and doing well. Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!  We've got a big wine tasting event that weekend, so I'll be recovering.  From the working, mind you, not the tasting - I'm usually too crazy running around making the event happen, to enjoy more than four or five glasses.