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Dear Knitters,

I met Maya the other week. She's set up a stall in Greenwich market selling wool - including some lovely stuff made with milk protein....She had some samples of the little devil hat which she'd made. It's really popular in Scandinavia and this is hger version. It's available free on her website:

I began it this week in the milk protein wool. I think you should CO 30 stitches, for the smaller size rather than 28.

I know we all love a free pattern

Greetings from the UK

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Hej! The "racing cap" that I posted two days ago is the same cap. Just looks a bit different on a grown man. It's also called Hjallislue/djevellue (devil's cap)/schaatsmuts/Papingmuts/Ard Schenk muts.

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That's EXACTLY what I was looking for a couple of months ago for a 18th century nightbonnet! Y'all are pure dead brilliant! I guess it should double the CO stitches for an adult?

Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred

"Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred"