My 1st ever Knit project

My 1st ever knt project, Xmas 2005/2006. was a Xmas present for my partner. I had to lie and tell him I was knitting some tea cozy and table cloth for Xmas decoration !!!

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Wow! your first ever project looks way better than mine...I'm ashamed to actually show my first knit project to anyone. Good job on yours though!


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I guess you shouldn't feel any sort of shame here love. I have never seen a punch of friendly people as I saw here. They give a great support no matter how bad is the work done, like you just did :)

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Hard to keep that secret, isn't it? I made my son a sweater for his birthday. He knew I was making a sweater, but he didn't know it was for him until I asked him to try it on on his birthday morning.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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when I made him the cardigan that you can check on recent posts as well, I had to lie and tell it is mine, but because he is so fussy, I had to ask his openion on what I'm kitting, and he could see me working my ... off day and night for, he guessed it. How was your son's sweater? any pix for it here?