4 Hour Beanie

I was feeling a little nerdy this morning and I was on Ravelry, so I somehow stumbled upon this pattern for a Cthulu cap. Since I haven't tried stranded color work before (I've only done intarsia) I decided to give it a shot. It was really fun to make, and using charts for the color work was a nice little experience too, since I messed up on it once. At least now I've broken into another way to add color to work. Hooray!

Also, I've started on my KAL boxers too. I found this really nice yarn at my local Joanns, and got it. It's Patons Silk Bamboo. 70% Bamboo 30% Silk, really really soft, and 6 bucks. So I totally got it. These will definitely be my lounge-around boxers.

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I now officially am in awe. That would be at least a three day project for me; *IF* I could forced myself to attempt the colourwork.

Your tension looks great, I don't see any puckering; I like the colour choices, it's subtle, not in your face....

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Color me IMPRESSED! I really like the subtlety of color. Great job!

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I too like the color combo - nice job.