A little air space...

Hi guys,....thanks for the comments. And yes, I am working on a "fitted "pair of boxers too....as well as a "traditional" fit pair of boxers. Which would you guys prefer? Am working on the fly treatment now....(two versions)
Next test on the list : "whitey tighties " set of underwear !


I would prefer the "fitted" pair myself

I would like Both, since in my household we need both styles. Thank you. Cant wait to see the patterns.

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how fun - I would LOVE to see a pair of "knitted tightey whities" - I know there'd be a fun way to do all the contrast edging... (which could be contrast or just white) - that'd be a great pattern to publish :)

we are all just looking forward to seeing your creative ways of making these items... :)



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I would totally make the Tightey Whities - such an awesome idea!

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Um, I vote all of the above!?!?!?! Absolutely for sure the tighty whities, but the others sound like they would be something for my partner... I know this is a tall order to pattern all of these out, but again, I vote all of the above! :o)


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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?