Busy Busy Busy... KAL Update As well..

So... I havn't posted an entry in a LONG while... but I've recently re-discovered Ravelry and have started to log all my projects... I've been on a recent knitting kick and have been finishing up all of the WIP's I have lying around!

So just a smattering of stuff I've finished:

The Citron Shawlette (Still needs to be blocked, though):

La Neckerchief:

The Branching Out Scarf:

Last but not least, a scarf I improvised, I call it "Utter Chaos" - Pattern is really easy -
Cast on 32 Stitches
RS: *P2 K8* rep to last 2 sts, P2
WS: *K2 P8* rep to last 2 sts, K2
That's the basic pattern... just throw in some random C8F's (right side only!) through out the piece... making sure you don't make more than one cable per row and that you have at least 6 rows between cables on a single column. I like how it makes a skein of cheap Caron Simply Soft look so chic and expensive. Here's a picture:

So i've been a busy little boy... and I've finished every single WIP (aside from a baby beanie that was in my knitting bag that was recently stolen -_- )

Now... I can focus all my attention on the boxer shorts! I have about an 3 inches of the back panel completed... I'm using a skein of Berroco Sox for the back and waistband, and 3 skeins of Regia 4-fadig Color (anyone Sprachen ze Deutsche?) for the main body. I decided to try to find the craziest brightest colors I could find... Can't wait to really delve into it!

Boxer Update 1

Sorry for the uber long, and picture heavy post... I've just been SOOOO busy I havn't been updating things regularly.


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OOPS! It's Actually a C8F not C4F! Updated!

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Well I don't speak German but I do love a little foreign tongue now and then!

I like the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ravelry is simply amazing.

Your work is beautiful.

I cannot seem to pick colors for the boxers. . . .

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