Nova Scotia Bound!!!!!!

Hi chaps here is a way off topic, my partner and I are moving to Nova Scotia in June, are there any MWK members around the Halifax area???? I believe we will be living out in the country near the Airport. I have never lived outside of Ontario as far as Canada is concerned. I have lived in quite a few european countries but know nothing of rural communities in Ontario or any other provence!!!!!!!!


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Nova Scotia is beautiful and you are a lucky man. I always figure if you have some needles and wool does it matter where you live.

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You will be right next door to Lucy Neatby! She is a really great lady, very approachable, excellent teacher. There are some really great small shops dotted all over the countryside. You will enjoy it. But watch those winters!! Be sure to stock on lots of yarn for those long, snowed-in winters!!

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Wow...I hope you have the best of luck in the move. I agree with making sure you have lots of yarn to work with over the winter. [As if we really need an excuse to add to stach, right? ;-)] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congats Dennis. I grew up in Halifax and still get back from time to time. You may mourn your Toronto knitting shop but I think that you'll find that there is lots of space for you to find you way in Halifax and wonderful, genuine people to join you on the journey - and a good knitting shop in the hydrostone area of the city all the best as you prepare for the move. -Phil