Hi fellow clog KAL-ers,

I got started yesterday worked the wrap-and-turns as instructed for the soles. When I've used w&t on short rows before, the instructions said to be sure to knit the wrapped strand along with the wrapped stitch when you work back. This pattern doesn't call that out, so my question is: Is it a good idea to do it anyway, or will the felting process make it moot?



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The felting will pretty much make the wrapping moot as well as whether or not you knit the wrap with the stitch; though knitting the wrap with the stitch is standard when you wrap and turn.

So - Normally the answer would be yes, it's a good idea to knit the wrap with the stitch wrapped; however, in this case, it probably won't make no never-mind.

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I agree with MMario - it won't really matter if you don't pick up the wraps, but it's a great place to practice learning how to do it (since either way won't really show) - check out Lucy Neatby's video of how to pick up wrapped stitches on youtube - it's a great way to know how to properly do them and it makes it easy to remember...




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Thanks, guys! I'll go ahead and knit the wrap - if nothing else, it seems like a good habit to set. Don't need any more bad habits!