Drunken friends murder knitting needles :-(

So I invested 6 Euros in a set of 4mm Symphony wood knitting needles a few months ago (marvelous, I love them). As I was in Berlin on a business trip this last week, and one of my friends lives in Potsdam (about a 45 minute train ride away) we decided to get together for some drinks. As he was over at my hotel room I had my colorwork, partially finished mittens on the bed with the symphony wood needles. My friend got drunk and sat down on them...and one of them broke. I was soo disappointed! However, since I still have 4 left, I switched to knitting the mitten with just 4 instead of 5...its a bit awkward but it works and itll have to do I suppose until this mitten is finished (already finished with number 1..number 2 is getting there). But note to self, never leave your expensive, wood knitting needles out when having friends over for drinks!!! Will post pictures of finished mittens soon!


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uggh, that sucks. I hope part of the needle went up his ass!

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I agree...He deserved a few splinters for not looking before he sat down!! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Bummer...one more thing to be bummed about in this crappy berlin weather!!

If wishes and buts were clusters and nutes we'd all have a bowl of granola.

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You see? That's why you need to get your behind back to Texas! Those East Texas boys respect a guys knittin' stuff. So sorry about your needle. I hope you are continuing having a good time in Berlin.


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