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Hi to all.
I have been looking at some off the blogs, and there has been mention of some the type of books that are used to learn from. There is a lot of books out there some old, some new. Mostly written by woman a few from men, with projects suited for them. When I was looking for something that would cover most of the techniques, I found that a lot of them had differant points on sizeing, both for measurement and needle size. As I find it rather expensive to buy a lot of products, I found one book that covers most of the work.
I keep this book with me and I photo copy sections to help people. The books name is "Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters" by Jane Crowfoot. It has lovely pictures in color and covers most of what is required. It even has two lovely mens jersey that is really simply to make. The book is quite reasonable in price too, the color knitting is quite good and how to finish a garment off. The projects do seem geared for both men and woman.
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Thanks for the tip! I looked on Amazon for that book and are you sure it's by Jane Crowfoot? I see one named the same title by Sharon Brant but none by Jane Crowfoot.

OK, I just found it! Sorry

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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Hi there
yes it is Jane Crowfoot , The book is Published in 2003 by Search Press, ISBN 1-903975-84-0. I hope this is useful.
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Thanks Dave, actually I read your note after I posted a very similar question :)
Remains one more book if anybody can help on lace techniques as well.
Thanks guys