Is it really asking that much...

Is it really asking that much to be able to find decently priced cashmere yarn? I have temporarily suspended my quest to tackle the great american aran afghan (note: temporarily). I would really like to tackle MMario's Queen Anne's Lace shawl in a white or cream colored cashmere. My LYS was closed today, and hopefully I can make it there tomorrow to look at their selection. Has anyone had any luck finding cashmere at online stores? I looked on EBay (of all places!) but would have to wait for it to ship from China! I wanna knit NOW!


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The price of cashmere nowadays is RIDICULOUS... I'd love to know where everyone gets theirs...

I'm NOTORIOUS for shopping at thrift shops and recycling old cashmere sweaters for yarn... but good ones are very few and far between. has hanks of Filatura Lanarota for 14.99 apiece, and at 145 yards a hank and at 100% Cashmere, that's probably the cheapest I've ever seen- But... the yarn is a knitting worsted.

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you acn find some fine baby alpaca as substitute

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I'm knitting Mario's Queen Anne's Lace shawl in 100% baby alpaca right now. it has a really soft feel and slight halo to it and it's not even blocked yet. It should end up blooming nicely. The micron measurement is very close to cashmere and it will be more durable with the longer staple length.

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You can find plenty of cashmere blends online for reasonable prices, but like mentioned above, pure cashmere yarns are ridiculously priced. Good luck on your searches though.

"Second, I will wear roller skates and leg-warmers!" "You should be as current as today's headlines!"

"Second, I will wear roller skates and leg-warmers!" "You should be as current as today's headlines!"

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Pure Cashmere will always be expensive as it takes up to a year to process properly and 2 years to get enough from a single goat for a medium men's sweater. There are some exceptional blends out there though that feel almost as soft and will probably fit your budget. I actually found some really good cashmere online (100%) but didn't buy a lot of it because of the drape factor. I probably wouldn't knit an entire sweater (or garment for that matter) out of cashmere because of this. If the price isn't a factor, look for Quiviut, an even more luxurious yarn, softer, warmer, and more expensive.
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lazy damn goats :)

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you may need to learn to drop spindle cashmere

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I would maybe use an Alpaca Yarn, keep your options open. ;-)

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you can find cashmere lace yarn at but the prices?
maybe they are ridiculous, but you only need very little for a shawl.

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So I'm back from a trip to my LYS. After lusting over the skeins of cashmere in stock ($27 a skein from jojoland), I decided to go with the Cascade Alpaca lace weight($7.25 for 437 yds) beside it in a beautiful green-blue. Pictures of the yarn will come soon, but right now I wanna get it onto the needles!

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OMG, that will be one luscious Afghan! I find Alpaca slickery to work - it always takes some getting used to. Great buy by the way.

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I'm actually not using it for the afghan...I've temporarily put that project on hold. For now I am trying my hand at the Queen Anne's Lace shawl. I did find it a little slippery to start off with, but after the first 3 or 4 rounds I got the hang of it! I'm now on rnd 34. Will try to take a couple pictures to post soon.

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ColourMart in the UK ( has some good prices. I buy their cashmere/merino laceweight US$14 incl postage for 2300 yards. The cashmere laceweight is $36 for 2300 yards so I stick to the cash/merino.