Help needed from the experts

Hello my friend(S). I need some help from the experts here if that is ok. As I can't eally find much knitting books locally, possibly that I do not know the channels, I thought I seek some help from my new nice friends here.
If you can name some lace beginers and basic garments book on how to follow a patern, as I completely ignorant when it comes to lace paterns, or any paterns. I have been following my own for that reason.
It will be great if you can name some books, preferably if known as available on Amazon, or from any British known bookshops or bublishers since I will be in the UK in a weeks time.
Your "usual" help all is very much appreciated.

Have a lovely day all of you.


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Although I have not received the book from Amazon, it has been highly recommended by knitting friends:
The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges (Interweave) (Spiral-bound)
~ Ann Budd

Another book I use is:
Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book (Hardcover)
~ Vogue Knitting Magazine Editors
This book is a bit more involved, but, as I become experienced, this book becomes more useful.

I hope this helps.

All the best,


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For general lace information I find the best write up I've seen is Eunny Jang's tutorial, available from her old website....

part one

There are four parts, and between them I feel they contain more and more well explained information then any single lace book I've seen.

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Great source. Thanks for sharing Mario

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My first lace shawl was by evelyn clark, lace leaf shawl. try it, it's really easy.

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Hi there.
If you you are going to london in the uk, there is a knitting store called I knit, I think the website is, it has lots of books on lace knitting, I think the best books on lace knitting would be antique books or vintage magazines. Ebay has a lot of old books that could be better than amazon. With I knit you can contact and ask questions.
I hope this information is useful.
Best Wishes

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I find a great source of lace patterns, as well as ribbings, cables and other work to be found in Barbara Walker's, "Treasury of Knitting Patterns".

Best of luck... lace is a commitment but satisfying,


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I've seen all of the listed publications and have even ordered an item or five from iknit and these are all amazing resources. I do agree with Allan that the Vogue book is a bit more advanced and as you yourself advanced these things start to make more and more sense in this book. Oh, and David's suggestion on vintage knitting mags, I have a couple different patterns from such resources, and thought they can be kind of vague and hard to understand language wise, if you can decode them they are often the most beautiful patterns you'll find.

But... I want to return to your first comments. " as I completely ignorant when it comes to lace paterns, or any paterns. I have been following my own for that reason."

This is awesome! This kind of making things work goes further in teaching you what yo9u need to know better than any pattern can. I am always getting asked questions and often my answer is, "Wing it." Which by most of the typical pattern knitters that I say this to, get's me a gasp and raised eyebrows.

No matter what resources one packs away into their library, I hope you never lose the ability to make up your own solution, because this is what knitting is all about.

Safe travels,

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*grin* If I had a nickel for each time someone has asked me things like:

II'm a loose/tight knitter, can I go down/up a size of needle?

You reccomend red - but I like blue, can I knit this with a blue yarn?

I prefer the look of ssk to k2tog tbl, is it alright to use it?

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Thanks guys. I have uploaded here my latest project as wel, with lots of help I had last week on choosing a stripy patern, here is what I am working on.



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This is the book that turned me on to lace.

There is nothing complicated in this book but most of them are very elegant and involve lace stitches. I find Ms Oberle's explanations easy to digest and understand. There are both charts and written instructions for every project which I found extremely helpful when I was first learning to read a chart. I've knit several lace shawls from this book and they have all turned out beautifully. Good luck.

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I've gotten a lot of interesting patterns out of stitch dictionaries. As to the other, I can't really say. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I just want to mention another site that you can find books at more reasonable prices. Try It's an e-bay company, but it doesn't work like e-bay. You can search by ISBN, name, author, etc. Then it splits any listings by condition and price. You can choose what condition (including new) you prefer and add the book to your cart. Then search for other books and check out just like you do on other sites. The only thing I don't really like is that you can't use PayPal on Half unlike e-bay, but your credit card info stays with Half and not with the actual seller.

The thing I like the most about Half is the prices are usually a fraction of the other sites. Many of the sellers on Half are stores trying to liquidate inventory. I have found this site extremely useful while purchasing textbooks for school. My university starts new terms and new classes every eight weeks so I'm always buying books.


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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

DeceptiveCookie's picture recently started this new thing where you can actually have it search for a used book in a specific condition, and at a specific price. The moment someone posts that book, in that condition or better, and at or under the price you specify it automatically buys it for you. I've purchased a few of my knitting books that way so far- I got a very good copy of Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them for $10- including shipping!

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I'm a big fan of myself - both for buying and selling books. But if you want to know anything about lace or the whole vast gamut of lace patterns, I have a one word answer ... MMario!

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Guys, I'm really speachless... where have you been all the past years when I was struggling on my own trying to teach myself and figure out how to hold a needle!!! Hats off for men who Knit :)

Scotty, Can you confirm if the "Filk Shawls" include begginers guide with pictures on how to do the basic techniques, if so I guess that will be my book.

I believe some basics on techniques and reading charts would help me best. I can always make use of a good start and take it from there. Not sure if you guys have seen my work that i managed to develop till now, scarves, jumpers etc

Thanks again and really guys you are making a difference in my life, not only knitting !!


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Awny, yes, Folk Shawls does have a techniques section explaining basic stitches with illustrations. But have you been turned on to youtube? If you find an instruction or technique you don't understand just go to and do a search for the method and there will most likely be an instructional video that you can watch. I can't tell you how helpful they are. I use them all the time.

For instance this is a link to a video on wraping & turning for short rows:
wrapping & turning

Here is my first lace shawl from Folk Shawls, it's the Kimono Shawl.

Good luck!

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Scotty, yuo are not just a pretty face, you are a STAR!!

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blush :-)

I order a lot of books from
They are in the UK and even with the shipping to Canada it is still cheaper than anywhere else on the net. Plus alot of books are sold there months before they are sold in the U.S. or Canada. Seems the UK is full of fibre artists! :-)