Shopping For A Knitting Bag... Any Suggestions?

Hey Boys,

So my knitting bag has recently gone missing, and I'm looking for a replacement. I was carrying around a plain canvas tote that had a few pockets... I'm considering trading up to something that will force me to keep better tabs on it. Anyone have any suggestions?

All of the nicer knitting bags I've seen so far are sooo... effeminate... and though I'm all for breaking gender norms and redefining masculinity, I really don't want to do it carrying a frilly little bag!

I'm looking for something more of a messenger style, but a well constructed tote will definitely work. Something that can hold a few small projects, an interchangeable knitting set, a crochet hook roll, and pouch full of essentials - so I'm talking Roomy, but not huge.

A Few Bags I'm considering:
Tom Bihn - Swift
Nantucket Bagg - #522
Della Q - Molly (it's borderline girly...)

If anyone else has any suggestions, or owns any of the bags listed, I'd GREATLY appreciate the feedback. The way I see it is I knit too often, and carry too many projects not to invest in something that will last a while.


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This is the bag that I got from J. Crew about a year ago and I LOVE it! It's $98.00 and it's still in stock. It comes in brown (the one I bought) and black. The brown has a great orange cotton lining. I researched a long time for the perfect bag. It's stylish/masculine and very functional. I always have knitters ask me where I got it!


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If you really like this bag, there is an extra 20% off the website orders today-- so that makes it $78 dollars.

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i picked up my favorite knitting bag at san francisco airport. it is a nylon tote with great center section, pockets, water proof

think outside the box for masculine alternatives

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I've often thought of making my own knitting bag. Has anybody else considered that? What are your thoughts?

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I like mine by Tom Bihn.....

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I hate these kinds of posts, I'm such a bag whore! Kenny, weren't you just saying on your blog that you didn't even own stitch markers and now you post this fabulous bag. drama. ;-) Millard, that's a great bag as well. I had no idea J. Crew had such nice bags but wow, some of them are really pricey (upwards of almost $900.00!)

They don't make the bag I carry in a guy version anymore so I really can't help. I think any bag will do as long as it doesn't have velcro straps but even that can be worked around if you're careful. Post when you buy one! I'm sure I'll want that bag too!

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I Do USE GHETTO knitting tools. The bag was a fabulous gift my by one of my best buds KnitOneSipTwo for Christmas!!!! It's the only thing that isn't ghetto in my knitting arsenal.

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Its funny you should post about a bag, because that is how I found MWK in the first place. A friend and I were talking about our knitting bags and when I Googled knitting project bags, one link was a post on here about knitting bags. I believe he was using a tool bag. Anyhow, I too am a bag whore and have so many. It just depends on the size of the project I'm working on is the bag I prefer. One of my favs they don't make anymore which is sad. The one I have been using most lately is just a canvas messenger bag from Gap. Old Navy and Gap almost always have great canvas messenger or back pack style bags.

Last night I was in the process of purchasing a knitting bowl from KyleWilliam and it took me to Etsy. I did a lot of searching on Etsy last night (I'd heard of it, but hadn't shopped there before) for a bag myself. I did find some great bags there and purchased some smaller ones for small projects. I'm going to keep looking through for a great project bag that as you said, isn't too girley. That Swift bag looks nice... Give Etsy a look before you buy!

That friend and I were just talking about making our own knitting bags today too! Maybe I'll break down and try that sometime, but for now, I keep collecting others...

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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I use a soft tool bag that I believe I bought in Target or one of the big box hardware stores. Here is a similar one. I thought it was a nice butch touch! And I actually love it.

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I have been eyeballing those as well. I just can't decide on one of them.

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Wow... Didn't think I would get such a response!

Millard: Stopped by J Crew During lunch, they had the black one in stock! Definitely considering that bag...

Kenny: I like the Tom Bihn bag... it's just I have sooooo many tote bags, albeit not very many that would actually work as a knitting bag (They're either HUGE or Itty Bitty)

Michael: It's funny because I'm a decent sewer... I have a few designs running through my head, but from design to construction... things have not been coming out the way I want them :(

Cory: I have been eyeballing some things on Etsy... mostly the small project bags, I'm definitely looking for something a tad bigger to carry them in.

Oooo Project Runway's on! I'll definitely let everyone know what I decide, assuming I decide anything.

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What do you guys think of this on? It's by Namaste... It has a detachable strap to make it a messenger bag:

Namaste Laguna black

It looks good in some pictures, but looks girlier in others... I like the black one... I think it might be the only color I'd be able to pull off... the others are freakishly bright.

I'm trying to find a place that has it so I can see it in person.

that is a link to that bag in other colours. You can see that the hot pink one is being held by a man. At least those hands look like "man's hands". (Seinfeld) It's definitely a nice looking bag either way. Perhaps the charcoal one doesn't look as feminine as the black. Black is classic for women whereas I think Charcoal is more a mans colour. IMHO.


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Hmmm... I'll definitely have to see the color palate in person. I think I would love this bag a lot more if they had it in chocolate brown, or if that Olive was a shade or 2 darker.

I'm gonna have to find a local shop that carries them.

If you don't mind a female saying so - that is one girly bag.

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I do like that bag a lot! It does look a bit girley though. I think the leather (or pleather or whatever) looks a bit shiney which makes them look a bit more girley than boyish.

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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I have to agree! my age I don't worry about "girly"...and like non male colours...but that bag seems too feminine.

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Actually, my normal knitting bag is a denim tote with cloth handles and a couple of outside pockets. I think I paid like two bucks for it at Hobby Lobby. For larger projects, I have a canvas one that cost five.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Hi, my name is Aaron and I carry a man-purse.

My daily use bag is from Relic and I got it at Kohl's department store. It was around $50. I didn't see the specific one I have online to show you what it's like, but you might find something from Relic that you like. They make a GREAT bag. It's roomy, well built brown canvas which is important because I really do lug it around daily. I think it also came in an olive tone. I don't always have knitting in it, but I've always got room for it if I want to bring something. It's got pockets galore on the outside, a big main compartment and a few more pockets inside, and a full flap with good solid metal hardware.

I thought that black bag looked like it should have a bowling ball in it!

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I have bags for my portable projects and baskets for the projects that don't leave the house until they are completed. I rarely leave the house without something to work on and I have multiple bags that I use depending on the size of the project. I've found some great bags at World Market, WalMart, craft fairs and little boutiques across the country - I like to have choices.