Size 3 DPNs?

I walked out of a yarn store empty-handed today. That is how cheap I am.
I'm currently on spring break, and I had made plans to go to the Yarn Barn sometime this week on a day all to myself. That just goes to show how much I had been anticipating this excursion. Anyway I get there, and I'm looking around the sock yarns for a future project. But I begin to look at some of the sock books and notice that size 2 or less needles are better for socks, and all I own were size 3. Well, I wasn't about to pay for yarn AND needles -- that would have put me over twenty bucks, and I still hadn't eaten lunch.
So I start looking at all the different types of yarn. It was nice to browse, I must say, but real yarn is expensive. I am too much of a novice with too many unfinished projects to be buying yarn just for the sake of buying yarn. However, I felt more than just a little foolish walking around in the small store for half an hour and not even purchasing anything.
Anyway, I got to thinking; I have this set of four size 3 DPNs and have no idea what I can do with them. What kind of yarn is best for them? What sort of projects can be made with them? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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Well, Ian, you can make socks on #3 DPNs. Just use a sport weight yarn and calculate your gauge accordingly. I started out knitting socks with #7s and Bulky yarn, going down to worsted and Double Knitting weight. Next stop was #3s and sport weight before moving on to #2s or #1s using sock weight. In fact, for my average everyday socks, I still use those knit on my #3s in sport weight the most often. They are a bit faster to knit up, due to less stitch count, and fit great and wear well. Besides, they will give you lots of practice for finer gauge socks and let you decide if you really want to knit socks all the time. Plus, you can save towards some nice sock yarns and new dpns. Best of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well thanks Joe and Mill for the advice on DK yarn. The attendent at the store didn't mention that to me, but then again she said she hadn't been knitting much longer than me, so I can't really blame her. See, I'm hoping to experiment with some different projects next year than just hats and scarves. I'm told that there is a lot of solitary quiet time in the novitiate -- time I hope to use to try new things in knitting. This advice helps and inspires so much. I'll definitely have to make another trip to the yarn store before I leave San Antonio.
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I know what it's like to be on a budget. Try They are very affordable. And you don't need much. PM me if you want, everything in my knitting arsenal is cheap cheap cheap.

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Hot damn! I just checked the knitpicks site. I can't believe I was so ignorant of this treasure trove of affordable yarns. That also goes to show how little I surf the web. I'll definitely have to make use out of their abundant resources. Thanks for the tip -- "There is beauty in the wild flowers that grow randomly among our wheat." - Andrew Sullivan

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Sorry to hear of your fumbled shopping experience! I use size 3's often with sport/DK for ribbings and hems on baby/kid's knits, gloves, socks, hats etc. I knit fairly loose, and will often have to go down in size from what's suggested in the pattern. It all depends on your gauge and the fiber. 90% of the time, I use US 2's for socks with typical fingering weight, but I've used US 3's with hand spun and fingering that's a bit bulkier. Red Heart, Heart and Sole is a 75/25 wool/nylon that's very reasonably priced and can be found in craft stores. It's not the softest stuff in the world, but does soften after washing and very durable. Lion Brand has a sock yarn stocked at the craft stores too, composed of the wool/nylon blend. You only have to purchase one skein of LB for a pair of socks. Lastly, there's Knit Picks. They have a good selection at very reasonable prices. Also, if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can buy a dowel or a set of bamboo skewers and make your own size US 2 DPN's. Hope that helps!

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I'm knitting a lace project using size 3 needles and laceweight yarn. There's bang for your buck. Only thing is you'd probably want a good circular needle before long.

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You made it out of a yarn store in half an hour?

I usuaully browse for 45 minnutes or so before I even BEGIN to contemplate what I might want -

either that or I'm in and out in less then 5 minutes.

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fingering weight yarn, or sock yarn, or if you're up to lace weight can be knit up #3's. Unless you plan staying with socks you're going to need a circular needle to go with the DPN's. Knitpicks is the place to go for inexpensive yarn to experiment with.

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WEBS is another good source,

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation