Graduating Colors spread

OH MY THE DELIMAS I CAN GET MYSELF INTO!!!!! Dont think I spelled delima right either... Any way. My niece came by yesterday with 12 skeins of yarn in 4 graduations of the same color ( Burgundy, Red,Pink, Dk Blue Med blue and light blue) Yellows and black gray and white. Im thinkin about putting greens with it. So that will be 15 colors. She is getting married in 10mos and asked me to make her a spread on my machine. I have a little Ultimate Sweater Machine that I use some times to knit boring parts of a project. It only does stockingette stitch. Any way I agreed and thought this would be a snap till I started trying to lay out the colors. She wants one of those optical Ilusion jobs and I cant figure out how to map it out. I know I have seen a ton of quilt paterns for something like this but for the life of me now that I want one I cant find it. Or figure out what to really call it for that matter. Its going to be knitted in intarsia in little blocks of 15 to 20 stitches each color. Does anybody know how to do this or where i can find a quilt or knittine graph for something like this. Just a mix of colors wont do she wants a grad so it looks like the colors fade from one to the other. I thought just rows but that looks wonky whit all the colors.
PS I have started the long handles and will post a pic when the get far enoug along to be able to tell what they are. I'm knitting them by hand. And I guess im slow....


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Sounds like you may be thinking of the tumbling blocks pattern. Lion Brands has a tumbling blocks afghan in their latest catalog, pattern #80263. You can check and see if it is available online at Kaffe Fasset also does this pattern, maybe you can google it.

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It definitely sounds like the tumbling blocks afghan:

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You might want to visit They have a lot of afghans like the ones you describe.

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Are you sure you want to do intarsia on the machine? Stopping every ten to fifteen stitches to change colors would pretty much remove the advantage gained by the machine, wouldn't it?

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

Thanks for the tips on the site and the name. I havent had a chance to check them out yet, but I will . As for doing it on the machine I have a plate that puts all the needles in a forward working open positiion so all I have to do is lay the yarn on the needles and knit the row. It is slow but not as slow as knitting 230 stitches on a circular needle. Since it will be large and lay on a bed the stitches have to be fairly small. This is the largest Intarsia project I've ever done but will let you see or know ( in case of disaster how it goes) Wish me luck.