zip up vest

Hi guys I want to make a zip up vest for myself. I have found a few patterns around but nothing that I really like.

Two of them have called for a gauge that is about 2 stitches to the inch. I don't really want something made with bulky yarn. 

I was wondering if any of the guys on this site have made any vests with zippers and if so if they could share pictures or pattern sources.



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Oh, yes, indeed, any pattern can be used for your vest.  If you have any patterns you like, or would like to try out, then use them.  Make a small square to see how the pattern looks, or how you like knitting it -- is that what is called a swatch??  Then measure your gauge, and go from there.  You will then know how many to cast on, and who really cares about following some pattern?!!

Yes, you can knit it in the round, and cut it afterwards.  No harm done there.  Or take a sweater you have, and cut it to put in a zipper.  Fairly easy.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!