boxers are in the planning

OK - so I have missed the start but... Found this great Chilean sock yarn "Araucania". In keeping with everything else I like it is a great shade of grey ;) actually more a kind of faded denim blue.

Not starting tilll I finish the jumper for my man and then another cute apple green one for my niece BUT at least I am starting soon!

Not as confident or creative as others so they will be pretty simple but looking forawrd to startin them!

Have a good weekend boys


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LOVE Araucania... They have this really awesome worsted Pima Cotton yarn that I scored 2 skeins of from Tuesday Morning... I plan on making the Danica Scarf from Knitty with them.

Totally digging the color you've chosen!

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I haven't cast on yet either. I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive from the vendor. I love blue, and that's what I chose, but I'm aiming for something a little more electric. I did almost pick up some Opal sock yarn in a VERY denim like color though. I still might! If my first pair turn out well, I'll certainly make more!

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Love the color! They're pretty fun and lots of mindless knitting in SS for movie watching!

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The yarn looks pretty. I like that color as well. I agree with Mill that there is lots of mindless stockinette stitching and it is good for movie/TV watching. Although, I have to be careful as I have a tendency to do all knitting!