Aran Watch Cap & London Beanie

Here I go again. Two hats knitted in 2005. The one on the left is an Aran Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's "Hats On!" knitted with Plymouth Encore Worsted. The one on the right is a London Beanie, free pattern found on the Internet, knitted with Manos del Uruguay.

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LOVE the Aran Watch Cap. But then again, I've got a thing going for cables lately...



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Thanks guys! Smile

Michael, your cable scarf is looking great! 

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I'm thinking I will have to buy yet another book.  Although I haven't done any hats, I LOVE the Aran one.   Keep the pics coming. 

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Hey Kerry. There are many beautiful hat patterns in the book. She also includes a tubular cast-on for knitting in the round, which gives a beautiful edge when finished.