Speaking of bags...

(Chris, hold your tongue about the title)

I have seen some really nifty "free time" spaces on this forum, knitting bag ideas, etc. and wanted to share a few of my own ideas.

In our house I have designated corners and since my designated corners have to also function as living space I have to keep it neat and tidy. This is hard to do when one is a fibre artist and hoarder. I have a studio room downstairs that I can close the door to when there are overnight guests but as for the rest of the house it's free territory.

The first picture is my knitting corner. I can kick back and totally relax. The remote holder I sewed up holds a small jar with the ball of yarn in it and my rolled up knitting when not in use. There are baskets nearby to hold projects as well. The following two pictures are of my necessities bag I made when I took a class on locker hooking 2 years ago. I crocheted the centre insert to hold needles and what nots as well as made the pouch to hold the scissors and guage bell. After it was assembled I fulled it in the washing machine.

The last two photos are of my take anywhere spinners basket. It was a picnic basket I paid $3.00 for at a thrift shop. It holds everything I need for a great day of spinning, including fibre, an extra flyer unit and skein winder. I recycled the little containers that you get when you buy fruit, etc. to hold smaller items like a homemade Mcmorran balance, repair kit, etc. and they stack up quite nicely. The lid functions as a lazy kate as I stuck a couple of knitting needles through the sides. When not used as a lazy kate, I could use the needles as well to demonstrate what can be done with handspun and how it knits up. There is room for a spindle and my necessities bag.

When I am not busy doing bookkeeping or driving north to care for my elderly parents or caring for my own family, I am on the go with fibre events. So everything has be quick to pack up and go. I cannot carry a lot of weight due to the fibromyalgia so I use a luggage trolley. The picnic basket fits perfectly on the bottom and my traveling wheel sits on top. A couple of bungee cords and everything is ready to go and of course there is still room left in the basket for a lunch.

My favorite thing is to go to the falls in the mountains and spin in nature for a day. It's an hour and a half drive but the connection is well worth the drive. ("G" if you ever need a change from the city on the weekends in summer, I can pick you up at Anderson).

Well, that is a few of my ideas. Keep yours coming guys! I love seeing it all..keep no secrets..

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Great pictures, Joanne. I really like the picnic basket as spinning carryall. I use an over the shoulder strapped bag that friends gave me some years ago...a roomy inside that holds lots of fiber and I can carry a couple of spindles, along with a few knitting projects. Several compartments - some zippered - so I can have little things secure yet easily accessible. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Cool Joanne! Thanks for sharing..."It's a good thing!"


I think tomorrow I shall bake some pastel cupcakes and knit me a poncho.. LOL


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Hold my tongue??? That slippery thing?

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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Love the wheel in a picnic basket idea! If I spun, I'd totally steal that idea.

Thanks for sharing.

Here to support all the fabulous male knitters! The Queen loves ya baby.