Two Finished Projects ... Time for a Drink

Well here are two of my most recent finished projects.

The first is a cable knit sweater taken from a 2002 Vogue Knitting Magazine - features all Men's Sweaters. The orginal sweater pattern called for a Trendsetter Yarn - Dolcino (Ribbon) - the finished project would be a nice piece of clothing to jet set across the bay on your sail boat during spring - I wanted to conver this into something that would supply warmth during our wonderful winters in Green Bay. After locating the right yarn and gauge conversion .... its finally completed. Oh did I mention that this was the ONLY pattern to not include the neckline instructions.... So I made it up myself. Not sure I like it yet... I personally thought this project was testing my sanity, lets just say I was pretty close to being admitted to the local psych hospital. However, I think it turn out great.

My second project is finished as of yesterday and already delivered to Mother. She just can't wait to model this one next week. She's already glowing from the compliments. The photos seem to make the bag (purse) look a bit small - not sure why. The orignal turtleneck for the bag was much more flashy / stunning / eye cathcing - BUT my wonderful dog Rocco(Mini Schnauzer) just loved the yarn I was knitting with and wanted to play with it several times. You think I would have learned the second time he rip it apart for me - finally the yarn was so beat up I went with the end result in the photo.

I'm still working on the second sweater I mentioned in my oringal welcome post - I'll be hitting that project this afternoon.

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Joe Moore's picture

The sweater looks great. I love the yarn and how the subtlety of the colors. I like the collar as I get claustrophobic around the neck - good thing I don't have to wear ties to work!

Nice felting job on the purse, it looks fine. I can see why she'd get a lot of compliments. Nicely done!


I love both of these projects. What a talent you have. The sweater I had to look very closely at to see if there are cables as the beautiful yarn disguises that. I am not sure if there are cables there or not but it certainly does have enough texture in the pattern to make this stunning. The neckline was a bit of genius I thought when I saw it.

The handbag is marvelous. I am curious did you full this in the washing machine or by hand? It was terrific work either way. The buttons set off the handle and the lining adds that dash of fun to it to keep it from being just another handbag. Looks like you put some real thought and effort in both these items and should be commended highly for them. Keep up the great work!



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The bag is wonderful! You did a great job with the lining, and handle look very comfortable to carry.
...and the sweater looks very warm and comfy.

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Beautifully done, David. I can see why your mother is so thrilled with the purse. Great work!

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I really like both items. The sweater looks very comfortable and snuggly warm. The bag is beautiful, I love the lining. I can see why your mother wants to show it off..... great job.

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I'm lovin' that yarn you used on the sweater! It looks like it feels really yummy. I like your take on the collar, too. The bag would be proudly worn by any Mom! I am particularly fond of how you attached the handles with the buttons! I'm a sucker for groovy buttons and linings. Congrats!


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Both projects are great. I would be interested in how you knit the handles on the bag and how you attached the lining. Beautiful work.

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Who said 'drink'???????????????? Good work!!!!


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Very good design on the sweater collar. I think both of these are first rate knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.