Couple of items

Two items that I dragged for awhile - I had finished the slippers and never got around to sewing them up till the other day. They are for a girlfriend with teeny feet.



and this cushion had much anxiety attached to the felting process. I didn't want the poor critter to stretch into a giraffe or squish into a hippopotamus. It worked out beautifully. It's 17" x 19" and the alpaca is the logo of a good friend's alpaca farm. She will be thrilled. It's soooo soft.
That blocking board is the funniest story that happened to me this year - it involves me shopping at Walmart which I had never been to.


Tom Hart's picture

Wow, Bob. Those are both awesome. I'd love to see the look on your friend's face when she sees the alpaca logo. It's really beautiful.

Bill's picture

The alpaca logo panel is terrific! What a unique gift.

TheKnittingMill's picture

WOW Bob! Those slippers look so comfy and warm. I love the color. Your friend is going to FLIP about that cushion! The logo looks amazing!


ronhuber's picture

Beautiful work. What an ingenious gift of the logo.

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It is really great that your logo design came out exactly as planned. I figured it would be stunning and it is. Nice slippers, too. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.