Anyone look through the patterns in the latest Knitty? There are knit shorts....

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Oh yeah...

I think I might need me a pair of those!!

Chris...wildly knitting...always!

...wildly knitting...always!

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I saw them... the designer is a dude... so he might be frequenting MWK.

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yikes. they don't look good on either model. and can we talk about the hair and makeup? a project runway don't

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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I'm with you Steve! I was like crack whores say what? I've seen them on the designer and they look much better on a person without heroine addiction. They sort of look like the one's Stephen West adapted from EZ.


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I do think he's on here (Hi Craig!) and he's an amazingly creative guy - not sure about the knitty photos either (they look a little like American Apparel photos sort of) --

he has his versions on his website - - along with lots of cool tshirts... I bought one of his tshirts last year and they're super cool..

anyway, they're certainly a different fit than those everyone's knitting here... (the Skacel pattern) - and they're cute for some folks... ;)

I was really excited for him that he is published in Knitty - even if it's not something I want to knit for myself, I'm still smiling and want to congratulate him for pushing the envelope... my personal favorite thing he has knitted and shows on his site is his raglan sweater #2 - he has a really great sense of color!!




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I think that, in this case, presentation is everything. The photographer definitely took the wrong direction in showcasing these shorts. I'm definitely considering altering the pattern to make them into those old school retro shorts (the ones with the uber-scandalous split on the sides!) The design has loads of potential, and I think a lot of us got caught up with how the models look.

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The pattern looked good to me - I agree the presentation, ...well...

"failed completely"

comes to mind.

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