shaping shoulder and necklines

I'm knitting the classic crew pullover in Erika Knight's Men Knits. Why when I get to the shaping the shoulder and neck lines the direction are not written out completely for me to understand. I was working on the back piece first. I started out with 134 sts before I started the shaping of the shoulder and neck lines
Shape shoulders and back neck
Blind off 13 sts at beg of next 2 rows. I should have 108 sts remaining
Next row
blind offf 13 sts, work until you have 16 sts on RH needle, turn and work on these sts only for the first side of neck
Blind off 4 sts at beg of next row
Blind off rem 12 sts
With RS facing rejoin yarn to rem sts, blind off center 50 sts and knit end complete to match first side reversing all shaping.

When I blind off the 4 sts at beg of next row do I knit the rem sts and turn my work to blind off the rem 12 sts.

sorry for not explain this clearer. I hope this can better explain my problem thanks for the help


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I just cracked open my copy of the book and took a look at the pattern... from the way it's written, it does sound like you bind off the first 4 stitches, knit the remaining 12, then turn and bind off the last 12.

I've checked around online, and it looks like the only error found (so far) is on the cabled scarf pattern.

thanks I did it wrong I blind off the 4 sts and then the 12 sts I did not knit the rem 12 sts and turn and blind off the 12 sts. I wish she had written that in the pattern blnd 4 knit the rem 12 and turn and blnd off the rem 12 that would be helpful to have added that in the pattern
THanks for help DeceptiveCookie

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yeah - glad I was not the only one scratching my head with this when I first made it.

I made this withe the V-Neck and really lke it - although I do think her design are quite big fits.

good luck with it!


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