Socks appeal boxers

Is anyone doing the socks appeal mens boxers. I have started. I already have a gage problem.

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Did you mean gauge or gag problem? Sorry, I could not resist ;)

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What's the problem? I know a lot of us had to go down in needle size to get gauge.

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I had to go all the way down to a 2. but of course, I used different yarn.

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I ended up improvising on the gauge - but did a size 5 needle... knitted the "small" boxers and they're about the right size -- 32-33"....



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I'm using the Trekking XXL yarn and I had to go down to a 3 to get gauge, which is strange because I knit tightly - I usually have to go up a size for gauge.

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I stayed at 5, which is strange because I'm a tight knitter as well. I usually have to go up (? to 6) in order to get gauge. I'm just about done with the center panel, about 2" more to go.


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I sent you a PM on Rav, but yeah, I had to go down to a 3 as well. I think I could have gone down to a 2 like Kenny, but I'm doing a size smaller than I normally wear to make up the difference.

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Hey thanks for all the feed back I am going along fine now that I went down to a us 4 and am knitting tight.( I was going to knit with a 3, but I had a feeling there needed to be some drape) I am already done with the first 2 wedges. I figure I will just make sure that the waist fits!( It's not like I will be wearing them out on the street). I will post pics soon
Thanks again
A Traveling knitter

A Traveling knitter