It's March 23rd, and we're having a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard. Looks like a good night to get cozy at home and knit!

Patrick :)


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Wow! A blizzard! I hope you are enjoying your knitting time and keeping warm!


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Did you get the ThunderSnow & Lightening over there? We did here in Parker... Fascinating stuff.

OperaGeek's picture

No - no thunder here in Englewood. I haven't seen that in a long time.

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Bummer... it was rather impressive to see the lightening with the snow. The flash lasted a bit longer bouncing off the snowflakes.

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Never heard of that. Sounds beautiful!

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Crazy! I think it reached the low 70's here in south LA today!

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What's crazy is that it was 60 here yesterday! That's Colorado...

Patrick :)

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What? It's been glorious here... but the forecast is for some S*** (that white stuff) by the weekend. Hey, it's only March. We've had couple inches at the end of May. So one never knows.

Yes, excellent time to stay in, cozy by the fireplace, drink a nice cup of tea, and knit, knit, knit and watch the flakes dancing outside.

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You guys should move to Vancouver, BC. It is God's country after all! LOL.
Hugzzz 8-)

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I heard some thunder from the office around 3pm but that was it. Had quite the bike ride home. We just got our fireplace repaired so I got to sit in front of it in my rocking chair and knit too!! Yay!


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I've heard some people outside of Colorado say we're having bad weather, but let's just clear this up (no pun intended): this is anything but bad - it's great fun. The whole Denver metro area is closed down, we'll have fun in the snow, and it is a virtual certainty that it will be clear and sunny tomorrow. That means snow on the ground, but a winter coat won't even be needed. We're planning a ski day next week, so this means some fresh snow. Yippee! I'm lovin' it!

Patrick :)

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Though I live in California, I've gotten a nice lovely break at work because of the bad weather out there. I order equipment for construction projects nationwide, and the weather has caused some serious delays on a couple of projects. I hope you're enjoying the break... I'm definitely enjoying mine!