KAL Boxers FINALLY Started!!!

My yarn has arrived and I’ve finally cast on for my boxers!

I picked up some great sock yarn in a lovely varigated blue from Dorchester Farms at Rhinebeck last year. I knew would be perfect for my shorts, but I needed more of it. I emailed Ken and asked if he had any more of the blue and a green that would go well with it. I was SO pleased with what he sent me! The green will be for the back panel, fly, and waistband and the blue will be for the side panels.

I cast on for the back panel last night and based on what many of you guys have already said about your gauge, I figured I’d just start off with size 3’s and I seem to be doing okay. So, thank you all for that! I only got about ten rows done last night, but during a power outage at work today from 11:30 until about 2, I got a lot more done.

I don’t usually even bother bringing my knitting to work because I simply don’t have the time to do any when I’m there. But I was so excited to FINALLY get started on these that I just stuffed it in my bag this morning so that I could at least fondle the yarn and read more of the pattern if I got the chance.

I lucked out!

Also, this project, and the recent Knitty (and some discussion about that at MWK) inspired my latest
post to the Fiber Arts Blog
on the Times Union’s website. I just finished a few posts on socks and figured I might as well just go right on to underwear!


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That is some great looking yarn!

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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Wow! That yarn is very cool! I'm glad you are joining the KAL! I picked mine back up today after the puppy disaster with my QAL!


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I am having a blast knitting these boxers. This might be a great way to reduce some of my sock yarn stash as it stands I probably have enough sock yarn to make about 100 or so PAIRS of socks( is that a lot?) I love your color choices
A Traveling knitter

A Traveling knitter

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Hey Aaron, Ken' s yarn is great to knit with. The socks I have made wear well. You should get plenty of good wear out of the boxers.

Wear them to Rhinebeck this October.