Our first socks...


I have been wanting to try socks for a couple of years. I tried once shortly after I started knitting and could not get the hang of the cast on. Needless to say, I have learned a few things since then and this time, when I went to do it it was fine. Eric Paul, on the other hand, really had no desire to knit socks. he thought the yarn was too fine, the needles to small, and said that he would stick to making stockings from his Ann Budd sock pattern which was knit on worsted on large needles... perfect.

Then, a few weeks ago, we found some sock yarns and both decided to just give it a try. At most we were out a few bucks for some sock yarn if we hated it, but, well, that didn't happen.

we are now sock whores.

Eric Paul's, on the left, were knit with Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow using Ann Bud's instructions for top-down socks from her book, The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. Mine, on the right, were knit with Fame Trend, colorway Blues, toe-up using the fit as you go method. EP's turned out great. Mine, well, I could have been happier with the heel method but now that I know I can choose a different one for the next pair. and there will be more pairs, hopefully many.

Happy Knitting, guys! Seeing all of your socks and other creations on here keep us inspired to try more and more varied things!

P.S. and Vandenburg... as you can see we do have four feet between the two of us, we are not QUITE as conjoined as you may have thought :P

Bradley and Eric Paul

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Beautiful socks.

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I totally love "fraternal twin" socks! Great job, guys!

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VERY cute ;-)

sorry for my english... normally I speak French...

That's so awesome guys! I love that you did socks together, yet made them individual. That to me speaks loudly about your relationship. So glad to see this.


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Awesome! I've always shied away from trying socks, but the success you've had combined with the simple iPhone/iPod sock I just did, I might just try making a pair myself!

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Delighted you guys have started socks! ...in addition to being wonderfully comfortable...they're a great grab and run project for airplanes and waiting in doctor's offices. Love your choices of colours!

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Hey Braderic! That's so cool you knitted socks together! They came out really great! The MiniMochi in Autumn Rainbow is my favorite sock yarn! Just in case you didn't catch my message on a previous post--DON''T machine dry because they will shrink like crazy even though they washing instructions say "tumble dry low"! I have a pair of cabled socks in their Fern colourway and I machine wash them on delicate and lay flat to dry. They just keep getting yummier after every wash!


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Love the socks! What a pair you make! (Pun totally intended!)


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Call me cynical but the couples sock knit is a little too cute for me. ;-) However, the socks are gorgeous and I can't believe they are your first pairs. My first pair was hideously misshapen and huge. lol

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At first I rolled my eyes and said to myself, "another thing to look at and put on the eternal to-do list". I've been looking at sock patterns lately and for the most part they're all too girly (not in a good way either). But these look easy enough for me to give it a try and the colors/rib/yarn on both look scrumptious. I can hear my feet crying "MAKE ME THOSE!!" . I guess these will be my first. Thanks for the post. My search is over. Now to decide on the yarn. Both look soooooo inviting...

HEY! Quiet down, down there! I said I'm making them already. Jeez give me a chance, I still gotta find the yarn and pattern.

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You guys rock those socks!

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Those are awesome! You guys are so cute.



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Excellent job! I resisted making socks for a long time after I started knitting. Then I too became a sock whore! Welcome to the club.

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Very nice work, fellas. I resisted socks for so long because everybody said they were hard. Then, I found out 'everybody' was WRONG! Most socks are quite simple. Welcome to the addiction. [Oops, I meant 'fun'.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Those colors are absolutely fabulous! I've only made fireplace socks for Christmas gifts! Talk about an inspiring smack!

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