The Sonata Unfolds

I am just wanting to share with you how well packed it comes and the great freebies that come with it. My brithday is not until April, by then it will be paid off,lol! Hope you have fun unpacking it as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by!


So happy for you Andy! Spinning will definitely add another satisfactory facet to life


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the wheel looks great, Andy. I signed up for the spinning class you're taking...but mine is not until the end of April. Hope you'll have some new yarn to show us on Monday Night.

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Glad you are able to take the class, I am ready for today's class lol!

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Congrats Andy! Yeah, I just ordered two sets of KP interchangeable needle sets and a Della Q bag to organize them yesterday as my birthday present to myself! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


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Congrats Andy! What a nice present to yourself. I can't wait until you show us your yarn! Enjoy!


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Nice, Andy. I'm looking forward to a video of you doing some spinning :)

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Sweet!!! It looks like Christmas morning with boxes and papers everywhere!

Please let me know how you like the Sonata. I'm not sure whether or not I want a portable when I decide I want to upgrade my wheel. It would be nice, but not a necessity. I'm REALLY nuts about the new Kromski Fantasia which doesn't fold up.