Perfect Project Bag

I am doing a little browsing on Etsy today and ran across a project bag that I thought would bring a few smiles to everyone here:

Here's another:

Actually there are a few bags there that aren't too girley...



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Those ARE fun!
...good selection of novelty fabrics...but I make my own bags...LOL

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Well Bill, let me know when you get a little free time and I'll pick out my fabric and you can make me one too! ;o)

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Thanks for sharing. There's quite a few neat looking bags there!



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LOL... I LOVE Alexander Henry. I recently made a interchangeable knitting needle case out of one of his male pinup fabrics:




Designed it myself... still learning to sew... lot's of mistakes throughout... but still LOVE his novelt fabrics... always good campy fun!

Bill's picture has a lot of the "hunk" $8.95 a yard.

Just ordered 2 yards of the "outdoorsy" fabric. Hubba hubba! thanks Bill!


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Equilter is a good source. I buy my Sesame Street flannel from them to make nightshirts. my grandchildren love my goofy nightshirts! ( and so does my mailman...)

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Got a real chuckle but also want to make a bag, can just imagine the eyes rolling when I sit in an airport with If anyone asks, I can say..oh yeah that was me when I was younger. Thanks for sharing.

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My thoughts exactly.

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Those are great!

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My birthday is at the end of April. Now I know what I want.