Okay, It's Official. I Don't Like Super Wash Wool.

So, I understand the practicality of super wash but it is just not fun to work with. It doesn't stretch or give and, personally, it just doesn't feel like wool, sorta like cotton. ACK!

Okay....got that off my chest.


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Hmmm... I'm inclined to agree that when it's knitting up, it does feel weird, and it has a tendency to split a lot more than regular wool. The drape and consistency of the fabric has a tendency to even out after it's been washed, though. That's pretty much the trade off, ease of care for a little bit of headache while knitting.

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just finished a sweater for my grandson of Cascade 220 superwash...not too bad to knit with...and it will be very easy to take care of...

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Besides socks, the only item I've knit with superwash wool was Knit Picks--Swish DK. I liked it. It had a good amount of stretch and was soft to the touch. Which brand of yarn are you using?


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All superwash is not the same. It really depends on the yarn. I've used super wash merino that is a dream to work with but I've also used some that was pretty nasty. Mission Falls makes a lovely superwash merino in both DK and Aran weights, also Weaving Southwest has an incredible sport weight merino in absolutely gorgeous colors.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You should try the superwash from malabrigo that is coming out, it is fantastic and does not slip

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I know it's cheap but I still LOVE Moda Dea Washable Wool. It has now been discontinued but you can still find it pretty easily. I've been stocking up anytime I see it on sale.

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There are two types of super-wash: coated and stripped. The coated uses some sort of polymer as a coating on the fibres making all those scales glued down and smooth. It in fact renders the wool an acrylic.

The other method is to strip off the top layer of the wool, removing all those scales, leaving the innards exposed. It's not really wool after that kind of treatment. Either way, you generally lose all the wool qualities you were looking for. A trade-off? I would disagree.

I did not know that. thanks for posting that up.


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I am just finishing a shawl in In Zara by Filatura de Crosa. It is a superwash a little more expensive than most superwashes but the extra pennies are worth it!!!!!! I am cheap in many aspects of my life (being on a limited budget) but when it comes to fibre, no cost is to great lol.

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