Help needed

I'm having a hard time understanding the pattern

for the Hardenbergia Shawl ( - free patterns),the wave border. It says to cast on 13 st,but I can't make head nor tail of row 2. Can anyone advise? Being bunged up with the flu isn't really helping, I have to say!


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Hey Andy! I just went to look at the pattern, and I'm assuming you're talking about the first slipped stitch on row 2 of the chart. Is that right? First, you're going to cast on your 13 stitches and Work across line 1 of chart from right to left. The 13th stitch is going to be knit with the first cast on stitch from the stole, so basically your are doing a decrease with those two stitches. The one I like to use is K2tog tbl (it tends to lay the flattest on the RS). Then for row 2 you're going to turn your work and that first stitch on your left needle was created from the K2tog tbl. You will not join to the stole on this row. Per the pattern chart, you are going to slip that stitch instead of knitting it and then finish your WS row. When you turn your stole to knit row 3 you are going to, again, work across the chart and the last stitch of your border will be knit together with the next cast on stitch of the wrap. In short, you are only connecting the border to the main body every other row with the right side facing. I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the tip to knit through the back loops for the decrease. I've never done it that way but if it makes a smoother join I'm all for it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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what Mill said

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OK! Couldn't understand the extra stitch in line 2, but it's clear now. I think I was looking at each repeat in isolation (been concentrating on spinning and weaving, and REALLY need to get back to the sticks!).
Thanks, guys!