KAL Clog update - And how dense am I?

KAL: I have most of the first clog done. I'm splitting my knitting time between this project and another (more on that in a month or three). These come together really quickly, and I'm eager to go through the felting process.

Dense: In the last year or two, I've learned a lot of knitting terms like "frogging" and "tinking." And now when I undo my work stitch by stitch, I can't help but think "tink-tink-tink..." There's a new user here (Hi, tinkknit! Welcome!) and seeing those words together is the first time I noticed that "tink" is "knit" backwards. Ugggh. Groan. Blush.

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Don't feel bad Ray. I just learned that a couple of weeks ago, but I can't even claim I discovered it on my own! I stumbled upon an explanation by a knitting blogger.


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"Stitch n Bitch" is the source of all my hip knitting knowledge. Still my favorite knitting book.

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Thank you, Ray for pointing out that this is a place to learn so much about knitting! I am also working on the clogs and I am amazed at what I am learning. I am just having so much frig'in fun (that was frig'in not frogging) with these clogs. But I am so grateful to have found this place where I can ask questions and continue to learn! OK, enough of my gush I'm going to slip back into my shy, insecure mode now.

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That would be an "Ah ha!" moment! They should be cherished! Now you know, and you'll definitely remember it! Way to go!



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Oh yeah! Interesting color selection! Definitely like the red as it pops out from the black and grey! I can hardly wait to see how it turns out once felted!



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Haven't been on here for a while and didn't know there was a KAL for the slippers going on. In the past few months though, I have made 3 pair of these and love them. I was in England for 3 weeks last month and would have frozen my feet if I didn't have a pair with me.

Good luck on the felting. I've found that 2 pair of jeans in the washer with a zippered bag gives better results than just one pair. Hottest water setting, and keep checking and resetting the dial every 10-12 mins. Usually takes a total of about 30 minutes.

One other tip I found helpful in sizing them out of the washer is to make an outline of the person's foot, then cut it out and turn the slipper upside down and lay the template on the sole of the slipper when checking the size.

Good luck and I'd love to see pics after they are felted!