Ok...bad news regarding KAL

I was sooo looking forward to starting on the felted christmas stocking after I finished my mittens, but I just looked at the pattern (having never felted anything before) and realized I must pull the stocking out mid-cycle to check it. Well a downside to Germany is that about 10 years ago they began completely phasing out top-loading washing machines; and now, top loaders basically dont exist anymore over here. The only thing available are european front loading machines that lock up when you start them and wash your stuff for like 2 hours...in fear of the possible felting disaster that could occur (i.e. felting it too much and it ending up being miniature...I dont even know if that is possible.) I decided not to go and buy the yarn and risk wasting it, as yarn is so expensive over here. Chris, I would love to do the boxers, but I dont think you want to pay for postage to ship the pattern to me that and itll take about 2 weeks for it to get here. Do you know where I can find it online? I know its a very advanced project but I never back out of a committment and even though this isnt the project I wanted....who knows maybe the boxers will grow on me. Anyone let me know if I can find the pattern online. I know im super late but hopefully my bony, albeit quick, hands can catch up!


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Mitch, there must be a way to felt with hand washing. After all, didn't the Germans "invent" the boilded wool Jacket? All you really need for felting is hot water and agitation, right? Why not just give it a try, mein Herr and see what you learn? And of course, tell us all about it with photos--even the distasters!

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I felt things in a bucket in my bathtub. The main thing is shocking the wool with changes of hot and cold water...and soap to open the scales of the wool.
it also helps to take the bundle out of the bucket and throw it against the wall of the tub.
I took a felting class...and the teacher had me throw the wrapped in plastic bundle of fibre against the sidewalk repeatedly. Once the wool starts to felt it can go quickly...so it's important to keep checking it for size. My felting class projects were just felted fabric...so size wasn't an issue.
Using a washing machine is less physical...and not as much fun!

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Hey Mitch! I've never felted anything, but I know a lot of people that actually prefer to do it by hand (more control). However, if you want to do the boxers, I found a place for the pattern that ships internationally @


The pattern is $5.49, but the shipping cost is steep--$18.50 for a total of $23.99 (These numbers are in US dollars). I'm trying to search for pattern distributers in Germany so you won't have to pay so much for shipping and could get it quicker.

BTW...They're really not that advanced. If you can knit those gloves you can definitely knit these! It's a good project to learn short rows.


At Last! Something I know mega about! Felting is my niche! I have had success with a bucket of hot water and a plunger to agitate. Have a bucket of ice water beside the hot water bucket to put the item into to "shock" it to felt.
Another way is a pot of hot water on the stove. or as Bill suggests, use the bathtub. The plunger is handy to agitate.
I have a front loader and a top loader. With the top loader I do have to check the items mid cycle but with the front loader I do not. The front loaders are gentler but the same result is obtained on a full cycle. knit samples and try all ways to see which suits your preference.



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Yup, same as all the rest, hand felting works great for smaller items. one nice thing about it is that you can refelt areas that look like they need a little more. have fun with it, knit up a small swatch and try it. some hot water, dish soap or shampoo and have fun.

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Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! Im going to go to the yarn shoppe during my lunch break today and see if I can coax the mean ladies there to give me some German felting tips! If not Ill just go off the online pattern and do as ya'll say...bucket of water and dish soap! (both of which I have access to) Thanks!!