Hi, my name is Brady and I have a problem and a new MAN!

I need a ten step program for buying yarn. The closest yarn shop to me has gone out of business. So, that means over the past two weeks I have been buying yarn. Lots of yarn. I should have enough yarn for 4 sweaters, 3 vests, a lap blanket, 4 pairs of socks, 1 scarf and something else with sock yarn. (Or maybe 1 Aran blanket minus a blanket) There is some great quality stuff there. I wouldn't have purchased some of these because they were too expensive to do so for the projects I would have liked to make. I won't be buying anymore yarn for a time. Well, unless I NEED IT! Hahaha...(There could be materials needed for the MSKR that I might have to purchase.)

Meanwhile, I purchased about 5 sets of circular needles, 6 Addi crochet hooks and 4 or 5 books (I can't remember... things are sketchy, but I have all the men's books she had in stock.) Seriously, you can't find these items for that price. Especially the Addi needles.

Goodness... it was a buttload of stuff.

The best part of the haul as Manny. I purchased a new man. Yes, he is ripped, toned and silent. He was $20. The store owner wanted me to put a pink tank top on him every now and then. There was this lovely gray sweater on him. She entered $25 in to the register and I said, $25 is fine if that included the sweater! Hahaha... we giggled over that one. Anyway, Manny will come in handy for modeling something in the future.

I have good deal of stuff to make. I have already started on one sweater.

I was invited to attend the WOW group meeting every Wednesday. I might try to do that every two weeks. See how it goes and all. It is at the local coffee house. They are getting a liquor license. Imagine drunk knitters. Hmmm...


Bill's picture

Brady, that's a very good start for Spring!
...of course, for Summer you'll have to buy more.
...and LOVE the new man!
...they're the best kind...they hold still for fitting.

Kenny's picture

it will also REALLY REALLY REALLY come in handy for designing. I wish I had a man bod to play with too!

albert's picture

Love the strong, silent type! As to your other situation- I knit, therefore I buy.

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Lucky you. I wish you lots of fun with the new toys and fella. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.