KAL Felt Xmas Stocking update updated

(the update is at the bottom)

Well, today I am giving myself a pat on the back. I actually finished a hand knitting project on my own and during the busiest time of year for me. Chris, you were right that this was easy and for someone like me that knits by hand so rarely, this was a great project to get my fingers regenerated on. The joints are no longer sore and stiff therefore manipulating the needles much easier. My usual practice is to start a project and then pass it off to someone else to finish. Yep, that's me, a great starter but don't look for me at the finish line. In fact now that I think of it, I am actually finishing a lot of smaller projects these days. Hmmm..must be the inspiration I get from you guys.

Anyways here is a pic of the stocking pre felting. I have turned the wrong side on the outside, rolled up old pillow cases and stuffed them into the stocking. The whole wad will then go into a lingerie bag and then the washer. I probably won't have time to stop and go check to see if it felted properly so that is why the pillowcases, 1.) they act as a resist so the 2 layers do not stick to each other and 2.) it gives some sort of body to the stocking and will aid to keep the felting from becoming "over done". Well, off to do a load of laundry. When it is dry I will post another pic.

Oh this was done using my own handspun yarn with a synthetic for the cuff that I found in a thrift shop on US 7.5mm bamboo needles.

P.S. I started with some Aero needles but the yarn kept slipping and the point is as dull as my wit these days. I switched to bamboo and found it much easier. However, the points started to round so I took some really fine sandpaper to sharpen them afterwards. Is this normal for bamboo? Is there a needle that I would be happier with? I need a sharp point and a non slippery needle. I tend to knit tight so doing a k2tog is difficult at times. Suggestions? (besides knitting looser)


Okaaay, sooo..I went to get the stocking out of the washer and just about peed my pants laughing at the blob in my hands. First thought? This is not looking right. It looks like a very large golf club cover. Suggestion: when the pattern tells you at the end to sew the cuff down DON'T! The yarn to tack it down with and that is exactly what I did, tack it down every 1.5 inches left no give because as I was working my way around tacking down the cuff, I was weaving the yarn through so it was against the grain of the knit. It felted too but around instead of up and down, thus creating a strangle hold on the stocking. All the pillowcases shifted down to the toe. I had to cut the tacking yarn and do some serious shaping under the tap. I didn't have a jar big enough so I used a pineapple to help hold the shape. In hindsight I should have taken a picture of that too. So, yeah, if I do this again I won't tack the cuff before felting the stocking. I will do it after and really stuff more pillowcases, pin closed with safety pins inside to avoid shifting. I do think it turned out pretty nice though. I think I am going to leave it as is and do another to embellish. I have such great ideas for that.

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it will be interesting to see the felted stocking. The synthetic shouldn't shrink...the wool should shrink about one third.
I haven't had bamboo points dull, (I don't think) but I've occasionally had them splinter. After sanding them, I recommend a drop or two of clear nail polish to seal the bamboo. It will make them smoother.
Can't wait to see the felted stocking!

Grand Suggestion. Will do that because I really like the Bamboo.


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I really like it, I hope mine turns out as good as that, Im working from the same pattern, my colors are a baby blue stocking body with a white fuzzy cuff. When it comes time to felt ill be surely asking for help because itll be my first time!

Go fearless!