Just In Time!

I actually finished these last week, but didn't get them posted until today.

Yes, I'm a baseball fan and I felt the need to get these done just in time for the season opener. Too bad it's not a home game, but, I guess every game has to have an away team.

What curse?


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What kind of heel did you do? I am looking for something different than the heel flap. Making some socks for my son and I am up to the heel right now. Any suggestions?

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Are you doing toe-up or cuff-down socks?

Toe-up, there's a great heel called the Andersson heel which I like a lot and fits my foot very well.


For cuff-down, the only alternative I know is the short-row heel, which looks great (because it's what most commercially mad socks use) but it's really not the best shaped sock for a real human heel:


I love those socks. Fabulous Colour!
Thanks Joe for this suggestion. I like the look of the heel and will try it 'when' I do some toe up socks.



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I actually came up with the heel on my own, all the while using the rest of the body of the sock, both gusset, foot, and sole from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Moccasin Sock."

It's top-down and when it comes time for the heel, I marked two centre stitches, which would be the back of the heel and then increased one on each side of that, while decreasing one on each side of the eventual heel; the increases shape the heel to wrap naturally around the foot.

I'll share with everyone as soon as I get it written down.


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thanks. That would be great help!

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Great heel idea, Robert. I look forward to seeing how you do it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yes, please keep us posted! I would love to try my hand at socks and yours seem to look just right! I look forward to learning your process.

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GREAT colour!!!

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Yes, indeed. I was digging through my wools and found this. It's Lamb's Pride (Brown Sheep Company) Worsted 85/15 Wool/Mohair named "Cherry Swirl."


Bill's picture

I'll have to search for that...love the subtle changes in colour!

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Is the superwash Lamb's pride. I've never seen anything but solid colors in that before. Very cool. So who's the home team in Portland?

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I'm guessing he's a Boston fan. Redsox.

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I don't know about superwash...this is regular, plain ol' handwash in cool water, etc.

Home team in Portland is called the Seadogs, which is a farm team for the almighty Boston Red Sox.


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I've been searching for that yarn...no luck...I may have to dye something similar...

Great socks Robert, but why is my cat admiring them?

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Those are such wonderful socks. What lucky feet.

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OMG... I want magenta socks! Those look totally awesome!

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I was thinking a pair in magenta, purple, teal and turquoise. Oh... the projects I could start...

Bill's picture

magenta, purple, teal and turquoise...my current favorite colours!

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I worship at your feet!

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Nice socks , the color is quite cool ;-)