Felted Clogs - Pair #2

I made these with some super bulky Reynolds Lopi that I bought a while ago (at half price) and hadn't found a use for.  Because of it's weight I used it single stranded.  I've felted the regular bulky Reynolds Lopi many times with great results and I thought I would get the same percent of shrinkage with this, but it looks like I was incorrect.  They took about ten passes through the wash and one pass through the dryer to get them about as shrunken down as they're going to get and although made for a men's size 11 are more likely to fit a size 13 to 15.  I didn't put much effort into shaping them while wet because I was disappointed about the size, but I think I still like the way they turned out, and they will make a nice present for my brother who's feet should fit in them perfectly.  I just need to make another pair for his wife!

 Here's before and after.


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Hi Aaron, I felted two pairs of clogs today. One pair was slightly larger than the other as one pair was done in a different brand of yarn but the same thickness. However, I wasn't too worried about that as my SO has slightly larger feet and a higher instep than me. It took two washes before they started to felt. Just as I put them in for another wash we had two poofs from out of town drop in and the clogs were promptly forgotten!! They went through the whole cycle with cold rinses and turned out OK!! Will post a picture of them tomorrow. Any one out there let the clogs go right through whole wash cycle with similar results???

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Great looking clogs Aaron, like the color very much. 

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Usually disappointment comes when things turn out smaller than I'd planned on or hoped. Where are you guys getting these clog patterns?!  I want to try it now, or perhaps after I putz around with 'The Sweater Workshop" book I hope will have arrived by the time I get home from China.

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We are using the Fiber Trends felted clogs pattern.  You can find it at most any local yarn store as well as online. It is one of those projects you really have to pay attention to while you work on it.  I was two-thirds done with my first clog before I could look at it and see it did in fact look like a clog... a realy, really, big clog, but a clog none the less.