knitting philosophy

Even though I've knit for nearly thirty years it's been only recently that I've really bothered to "learn how" to knit. Part of that was learning how to knit continental. For me, at least, it made it possible to follow those obliguely written stitch instructions. For some reason I couldln't figure out something as simple as a yarn over when doing English but for some reason continental makes it all understandable. I think it has to do with being severely left handed. Anyway, now that the knitting world is my oyster so to say I can see those things that I will pursue and those that I probably won't. I have a raging metabolism and the temperatrue has to be in single digits for me to wear a sweater - not something that happens that much in St. Louis. So I'm having a hard time getting motivated for that kind of knitting plus for some reason I'm not into making stuff for myself. I do love watching lace patterns evolve and take shape and blocking is just too magical. I seem to be constantly enchanted with lace shawls and scarves and peruse my many lace books constantly. This is not something I could have perdicted a few years ago - maybe I should blame Mario.

And socks, I love making and giving away socks, hats too but mostly socks. I think there is something magical about hand knit socks. I almost always make a pair of socks with someone in mind and I'm always thinking of that person as I knit. Maybe they can feel that as they wear them, I hope so.

In short, I can see where my knitting is headed and it makes me excited to think about but I'm not saying "never" to anything. I really love this new creative world that has opened up to me.

I wish I were a better writer. Geez, let's talk stream of consciousness. Sorry.


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You do beautiful knitting! I fully understand the lack of sweaters...have you thought about knitting a sleeveless , possibly zippered, vest? I find them perfect for San Francisco weather...and I agree...knitting socks is wonderfully rewarding!

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It only makes sense to knit what we enjoy knitting- to do otherwise is to not take pleasure in our knitting and to add to our UFO piles.

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I've only knit around 5 - 6 sweater type things in all my years of plying needles and yarn. I enjoy sweater knitting but it just isn't high on my list. It just shows that you should knit what you enjoy. No harm in that. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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agreed. I'm only ten months along in my knitting and also never
suspected lace would be so intriguing. I've only done a little, but see it as a rewarding direction to take.

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for me, knitting is my therapy. i'm cranky if i miss it for even a day. but it became expensive and i couldn't keep making things for me, so i opened up the offer that if anyone bought the yarn and pattern, i would make it. it keeps me in constant supply, builds my leftovers and builds my pattern library. i still can pick and choose projects and so far the waiting list is not that long.

i too love the development of lace, particularly in spiral patterns where it constantly changes. working on a lace sweater in kidsilk haze that is finally coming along nicely.

blaspemy alert - i have zero patience for socks. i don't wear socks much (southern california), never find them comfy (too loose or lose their shape and stretch and fall down) and don't much like colorway or all the effort that goes into something no one sees

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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I believe we are all at a place in life to know exactly what we like doing, at least most of the day. The only brilliant part of getting older. So I really like knitting the home goods. Cushions mainly. So far they are for myself but just two weeks ago a client I'm an interior designer) asked me for a couple YAHOO. I'm slowly discovering that the french patterns fit me better and I might start to enjoy sweaters - who knows. I love the open ended possibilities of this passion.