Baby's hats?

I would like to make some hats for a couple of babies in the clan. I've seen the tomato hat and the apple hat - they're cute. Any other good ideas?


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You might be thinking of the Ann Norling "Fruit Caps." They're remarkably cute, fun and easy to make.

I'd definitely recommend them as a good starting place.

I picked up the pattern at my LYS (actually, I've purchased it several times after giving it away and losing it....), but you can see them at:

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I found a cute cupcake hat pattern

It looks child sized but could probably be adapted. I haven't made one yet but will go through my stash soon to try one.

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I posted a great swedish pattern a few weeks ago - you knit a zigzag strip and end up with a hat with earflaps

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I've always thought the Baby Jester Hat by Woolly Wormhead was really cute. They have other free baby hat patterns as well.

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Oh, my that is darling! I can see a kid putting that on and never wanting to take it off.

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I think babies look so cute in little tams.

That slouchy look is so hot these days too. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a pattern.

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I see a tam in my granddaughter's future... That is terminally CUTE!

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I've made several Strawberry hats for babies. Here's a link to the pattern -

I made my grandson a simple pea cap out of variated yarn that ended up with a bit of a camou look when he was still under one year of age. It was a hit.

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Knitting Warehouse has some adorable kits that make flower hats. I will put a link to the eggplant one below, but there is also the same hat/kit in colors of tulip and bluebell. I think these are absolutely adorable!

I know it is a kit, but sometimes I love a kit, I get to try out different yarn and then I have a pattern I can do over and over using whatever yarn I like.

Actually, I am editing this post because I just browsed on Ravelry and you can get just the pattern for $5.50

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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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There is a pattern from Berroco Yarns called Cisco. Take a look on Brooklyn Tweed's blog. Cute, cute hat. The pattern calls for the multi-colour look, and BrooklynTweed scaled it back to a couple colours and did it some wonderful justice.

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I've knit a big variety of hats for kids and babies. All of the suggestions are great. Have fun finding one [or more] that you like. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.